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Professional Cutting Compounds

In order to rejuvenate paintwork, it's sometimes necessary to use a good quality cutting compound. Suagard's Professional Cutting Compound is available in 3 strengths allowing a high level of detail when restoring paintwork; Fine, Medium and Coarse.

Our range can be applied either by hand or machine polisher.

Fine Cutting Compound

This formula is based on Aluminium silicate abrasive with very low degree of calcination. The smaller agglomerate and primary Crystal size gives and excellent polishing effect and high surface quality. This product contains body shop safe polymers to improve final gloss and offer additional protection on the paintwork surface. Due to the presence of these polymers application of a final finishing product is not required.

Medium Cutting Compound

This formula is based on Aluminium oxide abrasive with a low degree of calcination. The smaller agglomerate and primary Crystal’s size coupled with the lower calcincation gives a less aggressive cut. Like the Coarse compound these agglomerates break down under sheer realising the smaller softer primary Crystal’s.

Coarse Compound

This formula is based on a hard Alumina (Aluminium oxide) abrasive and is designed to give an aggressive cut. Calcined alumina is formed when aluminium hydroxide is heated to over 1100c, and the greater degree of calcination the alumina undergoes, the harder it becomes. Aluminium oxide is only one down from diamond in terms of material hardness when measured by the mohs scale(9), Diamond being 10.

Our Compounds

  • Body shop friendly silicone free
  • Cleans and conditions surfaces
  • Revitalises tired oxidised paintwork
  • Removes traffic film from surface
  • Removes contamination
  • Removes aged chalky deposits

How Paint Defects Can Look

Professional Clay System

Supagard Professional Clay system is for removing over- spray, rust film and other stubborn dirt from paintwork and glass surfaces.

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