Supagard from a customer's view

Leather Repair Company

The client’s child had drawn on the back of the headrest with a permanent marker, but thanks to Supagard Leather Preserver and the skills of the guys at the Leather Repair Company, the offending marks were able to be removed and the headrest looks as good as new!

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The Leather Repair Company
Hull, United Kingdom
Tesla Model S

A fabulous finish on a fabulous car! Here's some pics of a beautiful Tesla Model S that's just been treated with Supagard.

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Tesla Model S
Corsa VXR

My last four Vauxhall cars have all had ‘Supagard Treatment’ applied to them from new and I’ve found there is no need to polish any of the cars I’ve owned.

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Michelle Borgerson
Cheshire, United Kingdom

Being in the motor industry as my job is a motor racing journalist, I see a lot of products that are supposed to do certain things to cars such as keep them clean or make them shine, but I can guarantee that all Supagard products do exactly what they are supposed to do.

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Derek John Binsted

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